Monday, September 15, 2014


Top - H&M
Necklace - H&M

The fringe is back! I realized after all that it was very difficult to change a new hairstyle. As you probably know I get inspired by the 60's a lot, so this time I wanted to have 60's makeup and hairstyle. Since the weather was really beautiful with bright sunshine. It inspired me to wear light coloured clothes. This mint top has been in my closet quite sometime so it was about time to use it. This necklace is very cute with rose details, and it matches perfectly with the top. I have been watching a couple of runway shows, and I have to say that some of the collections were really creative. I especially love Micheal Kors' collection this season with beautiful floral details. NYFW looks so fun. I wish I could experience it all and see all the great streetstyle, and attend different fashion shows. But when I have time I will definitely do it!


Saturday, September 13, 2014

By the sea

Today, I was wearing this outfit when I was going shopping. It's a casual outfit, and I just love the  combination between navy blue and brown. I think these colours are perfect for autumn. It was really sunny today. This necklace is so simple and beautiful. I had a really bad hair day today, because whenever I shower my hair it gets very thick! It gets really messy. Last time I was at the hairdresser to get more of a layered hairstyle, it took three hours. I have finally made a decision that I'm going back to having fringe. I miss it very much! I wish you all a great weekend!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

kingdom flower

Blazer - Ginatricot
Skirt - BikBok
Bag - H&M

I was looking through some folders on my computer and I noticed that I haven't posted these ones before. It's vintage inspired, but it definitely has a different styling. I wanted to be more creative. I really like the colour combination in this outfit, and I think these colours will be used a lot in autumn. 

It's been raining a lot lately, most probably because it's autumn. But I really like autumn, since it's something with this season which gets me inspired. I really love walking in the parks and see the tree leaves changing from green to different colours like yellow and red. It's really beautiful and idyllic when the sunlight is shining through the trees. I take a lot of inspiration from the nature. Anyways, I hope that you like the outfit, and I wish you all a great week!


Sunday, September 7, 2014


As you probably know, it's fashion week season, and what I love the most is to see the different outfits. A lot of the inspiration for my outfits is actually streetstyle. I have been invited to New York fashion week and Stockholm fashion week, but I've had so much school works. So I haven't had time to go. But I will attend one day, that's for sure. I've added some of my outfits and also other inspiring outfits. Credits go to Stockholmstreetstyle and Pintrest. 


Friday, September 5, 2014

hairstyles and haircolours


I would love to have different haircolours like pastels and red, but the thing is that I get easily bored after a week. When it comes to hairstyles I can't find one style which I can have for a long period. For instance I can't have fringe everyday and I often style my hair and put bobby pins so my fringe doesn't show. When I have long hair I want to have short hair, and after I have been to the hairdresser to get short hair. I regret seconds later. The same problem goes to dying my hair. When I have been dying my hair in a certain colour I get bored of it after a week.

But one thing which can help is wigs. I came across a website, called wigsu which sells a lot of different things like wigs and hair extensions. They have a great variation when it comes to the hairstyles and colours of the wigs. I really like the red ones, but there are also other great colours. When I look at them it makes me want to try different wigs, so I can see how I look like with different hairstyles and colours. But still keep my natural haircolour. I really like wearing wigs when I am going to a costume party and is suppose to dress up to a certain character. I think wigs are really great for those who have had a disease, for example cancer, because of the hairloss.

Q: Which haircolour do you like the most?


Friday, August 29, 2014

Old Money

Dress - vessos
floral crown - ebay

It's a long time ago since I had a proper outfit post, so it was about time. This time I wanted to create a simple outfit with a touch of vintage. I like to combine white and gold colours together. This dress is a masterpiece with beautiful details. I just love that the bottom of this dress looks like a painting. I really love this floral crown, it fit perfectly to almost all of my dresses. This time I tried out side bangs/fringe, because in almost all of my outfit posts I wear straight bangs/fringe. I've been having that kind of hairstyle in more than six years, and I wanted to try something new. But when you are having the same hairstyle for a very long time, it's very difficult to change to another hairstyle. 

However, lately, I have been listening to the songs from Lana Del Rey's album, Ultraviolence. It's beautiful. I really like the song, Old Money, because it's very idyllic. But when I listen to this song it brings back good memories, and to a becautiful place where I used to spend all of my childhood years during summer with my closest friends. Life was very simple and everything was about living for the moment. I sort of found the person I wanted to become, and it was then I met beautiful people who understood me and became my bestfriends. It was a special time for me. 

Anyways, have a nice weekend, and I hope you like the outfit!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What's your favorite part 3?


I saw in a previous blog entry that you like these kinds of entries.

What is your favorite?